We are genesis Gaming

Well hi there and welcome to our corner of the world. We hope you like our new website.

We think it gives us an edge because it’s brightly coloured and cool. Anyways, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Genesis Gaming. Genesis started off in Ireland in late 2020.

Now we have bases of operation in Europe, NA, South Korea and South Africa.

Alongside competing in local and international eSports events. We also host tournaments for several games. Which include Starcraft 2 and CSGO. Where there is a range of prizes to be won, like pizza and cash.

#TeamGG also has a dedicated live stream channel for those events. As well as an awesome crew of in-house content creators and streamers.

“Not an org, a family” – Trevor “Madnetics” Gray. Founder of Genesis Gaming.

As an international Esports organization. We are sponsored by several companies. In the Esports and Esports entertainment industry.

Our partners/sponsors are:

Trovo: https://trovo.live.

Streamheros: https://www.streamheroes.gg/

Matcherino: https://matcherino.com/

Own3D.tv https://www.own3d.tv/

GT Racing. https://gtracing.com/

Now that you have seen, who and what we are.

Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xGenesisGamingx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xGenesisGamingx

We thank you for reading our post. #OnTheRise #TeamGG #Esports

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Gusbuss will be going live soon.

Game streaming: GTA


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Have you checked out our blog?

It features news about gaming, the latest patches to games like #CSGO and so much more.

Link to blog here: https://genesis-gaming.com/blog/

Looking for a great place to promote/ stream your content?

Look no further than @trovolive 💪

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