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Quick reminder that if you join our discord server (http://discord.gg/rBUXfUFXnD) and are subbed to the Genesis Twitch channel, you can get access to our new Subscriber Lounge channel in Discord! Make sure your Twitch and Discord account are synced, and come check it out!


Things just didn't workout i guess. https://twitter.com/xGenesisGamingx/status/1465375092171587586

So excited to welcome the madlad from the UK @GenG_simtom to the family!

He'll be representing us on our @AgeOfEmpires roster, couldn't be happier with the roster so far!

Genuinely did not expect electro to have the least votes. Big F on my part. https://twitter.com/xGenesisGamingx/status/1465375092171587586