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I’m LFPGaming. I do Fortnite & Hearthstone content, game reviews, game guides, general gameplay of various PC games, and much more (without screaming like a 9-year-old and without any clickbait). I mostly enjoy RPGs, JRPGs, open-world games, and card games. I’m also the ONLY person that does Hearthstone videos in 14 languages.

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Well..... it seems the king, even though battered and scarred remains supreme?

5. Liga - 2. Spieltag
@xGenesisGamingx MrCannons vs. @vfish_esports @VFish_Abyss

#starcraft #sc2 #sc2dach #esports #twitch #zerg #terran #protoss

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And it’s not like we can put up a poll with all the generations, cause we’d need two polls 😭😭😭