Outdoor games vs Video games

Video games are often under fire from the publicity-hungry senators who want

to pander to the older generation. However, as time goes by the people who enjoy

video games now will soon be in power. But, until the day we are forced to question

whether video games and outdoor activities should be compared and contrasted. This

article compares and contrasts outdoor activities vs video games.

Video games

Video games are not designed to burn off a lot of energy. They are not aerobic in any

way, nor are they able to increase physical fitness.

Video games are able to stimulate the mental intellect of a person. They also help to teach people how to focus on one task for hours on end. It gives a psychological reward for extended concentration and effort. Video games stimulate the competitive urge in people, make them more amenable to real-world competition. Competition is healthy and therefore it is a good thing to stimulate as much as possible. Video games force people to use logic and other problem-solving elements of their minds.

Outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities are aerobic, even if a person simply takes up walking. This means that

energy is burnt off which helps to increase physical fitness. Outdoor activities are

not really set up to help a person concentrate. In fact, they often involve allowing

the mind to wander, as this is often part of the relaxing element involved with outdoor

activities. Outdoor activities that involve games are just as competitive as video games,

and so are good for people on a psychological level. Encouraging healthy competition is what helps people strive to be better. Outdoor activities do not stimulate logical and problem-solving elements in the mind but they do stimulate spatial and lateral thinking elements in the brain. It also helps to build mind-to-body coordination.


It seems pretty obvious that a person should indulge in both video games and outdoor activities in equal measure. This should be done in healthy amounts so that video games can help with mental development and outdoor activities can help build physical strength.

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