Is esports a real sport?

While writing this post, I am starting to wonder if the debate of whether or not Esports is sports. Is becoming a bigger argument then the moon landing being faked or did it actually happen?

What do you think?

As much as I wanna bounce around in space with no gravity, with a fancy suit. This article is not about space. It is about Esports. And its claim to being an actual sport.

We can start off with the definition of esports. Wikipedia says ” Esports is a form of sport competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams”.

In that, it states that Esports is a sport. But a lot of people state that players or teams. Never get sweaty or do any form of physical training to prepare for major events. Unlike soccer stars or rugby players.

In my opinion that could not be further from the truth. Firstly everyone gets sweaty, especially in hot climates. Okay, that was a joke. What I am trying to say, as someone who has trained players for CSGO. I have seen firsthand just how many hours they train and how much dedication they give to their game. So that they become the best in their field. Just a famous soccer player.

For the matter of physical training, like gyming and jogging. A major Danish Esports organization Astralis is one of the first esports teams in the world, to make exercise and physical activity apart of their training for tournaments and games.

A player from the organization Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz was asked what makes his team so great. He answered with the following ” “Eating well, sleeping well, going to the gym….” So yes, Esports players do use exercise to get better and excel at their games.

But what can we say to you, to prove that esports is truly a sport, just like soccer and cricket?

We took to the internet of things,to pull some articles and research studies down on this matter.

CES. An annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association wrote an article on this matter earlier this year. They asked some expects on their opinion of the matter.

Link to post can be found here:

Qoutes from the CES post:

Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat. :

“Yes, Esports qualifies as a real sport, just as video games qualify as real entertainment and art. Esports has much of the same emotional impact that physical sports have.

It brings people together socially — bridging both the jocks and the nerds — through shared competition. It gives players a sense of accomplishment, belonging, camaraderie, and an appreciation for hard work. Esports also has spectators, often many more than at physical sports events.”

Michelle Mckenna, CIO, National Football League. :

“Yes, Esports should be considered a sport. They are rooted in competition, involve athletic and strong mental ability, require practice and now even take place in stadiums, cheered on by diehard fans, so in my view esports checks all of the required boxes to be a sport!”

Bryan de Zayas, Global Marketing Director, Dell and Alienware.:

“Yes, Esports is sports. Professional esports and traditional sports athletes share many of the same characteristics, which are required of them, to be the best in their profession. These athletes exhibit traits such as a commitment to excellence, perseverance, and a passion for their sport which fuels the rigors necessary to compete at the highest levels of competition.”

Having heard what they said. Esports is a sport. If you dont agree, think of how much they train and how much time goes into their work. Just like physical athletes…

We thank you for reading our article.

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