Does overhype hurt a game?

What hurts a game more? Over hype or under hyping?

When the epic science fiction adventure titel “No Man’s Sky” was announced, everyone went crazy. It was one of the first games, where the player could explore other planets, fight battles and travel across the universe. A universe that seemed infinite…

Well almost, the main reason why the game failed to keep people’s attention. Is due to , the environments you played in and interacted with. Had no history and did not really reflect, any form of story. In a game like No Man’s Sky, the enivornment and places that you travel need history and a story, oh yes, lets not forget the bugs in that game.

Then again, games are hyped to get players attention, like at E3 for example.  But when they are overhyped to a crazy level and fail to deliver on their promises. It not only hurts the developers and the players. But the gaming community on a whole as well.

Players, stray from single story games, because the storyline failes to keep them , or there is just one too much bugs and glitches for their taste.

But this is just gonna carry on, until Valve finally fixes CSGO and then gets around to releasing Half Life 3.

So how do we prevent this from happening?

Here are 5 points that may fix the problem.

Point 1: Stop buying broken games.

Many games on the market, have their issues, but when a developer makes promises of features that will be in the game. They should do their best to add them and then not have your player community then go on to publicly post a list of all the features that were cut… And they’re not trivial — interstellar war, a variety of spaceships, planets that vary wildly in terms of appearance, resources, and physics … those are the kinds of features that sell games and make buyers feel betrayed when they’re absent.

Point 2: The hyping, is just getting even worse.

When you’re announcing a game to the general public. For one, don’t tell players it is being released next year. When in actual fact it’s only coming out in the next 10 years. The other part is it that, some game devs and their crazy idea of marketing/ building an audience for the game.

For example No Man’s Sky. Explore 18 Quintillion planets, that’s a seriously crazy amount of planets. They should have thought about it logically. The development work and the sheer size of a game that big, would not be possible when it released and even now with our developements in tech.

Which leads me to my next point:

Point 3: We want size over content.

A lot of the hype surrounding No Person’s Sky was over its sheer size. It promises over 18 quintillion planets, but that’s like me promising you 18 quintillion pieces of bubble wrap. At first it sounds fun, if you ignore the economy-annihilating effect producing 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 pieces of bubble wrap would have on civilization. But after you’ve popped a few it gets old, and you soon realize that there’s nothing to do but keep popping over and over again.

Thats where fresh updates need to come in, to keep the content going. Where the idea of a multiplyer should have been added, so that players can compete against each other, but also have the ability to add fresh content to the game themselves.

Point 2:  Gamers tend to abuse titels with their reviews.

Many gamers have their genre of game they like, they don’t often stray from it. They like things just they way they are. And when things change, they are very harsh to change and then go onto giving negetive reviews about the titel, which leads new potentional players not to wanting to play the game at all.

Point 1: The worst part, it gets fixed then it all starts again.

Games get overhyped, they get released, and they are broken and the community hates it. But regardless of where the fault of overhyping lies, we get lured into a false sense of security by the slow improvement of bad games, then fall for the same stuff all over again when the hype cycle restarts with the next game. You want Half-Life 3 to blow everyone’s mind without disappointment? Have it show up completely unannounced. Because if it gets a lot of empty promises for years like No Man’s Sky did, we’ll hate it too.

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